Präsentation an der Kyushu-Universität in Japan – Presentation at Kyushu University

Frau Dr. Andrea Germer ist Dozentin an der Kyushu-Universität in Japan und war einige Monate mit ihrem Sohn an unserer Schule.
Ich zitiere Ihre Nachricht, die wir vor kurzem erhielten:

To the School Team of the Freie Schule Dossenheim

This is Andrea Germer, and this time I am writing to forward
the report by my doctoral student and middle school teacher Mr. Mano
from Japan.

Two weeks ago, Mr. Mano gave a public presentation at Kyushu University
about “School education and sexual minorities – international
perspectives“ in which he also reported about his visit to the Freie
Schule in March 2015.
That time, Dr. Axel Ohnesorge gave Mr. Mano a tour through the school
and answered all his questions. Mr. Mano was very impressed by what
he saw in the school and he would like to once again express his
gratitude to Dr. Ohnesorge for taking the time to explain in detail
the school’s philosophy and educational practice.

I am attaching the slides within Mr. Manos‘ presentation that pertain to
the Freie Schule, and also chapter 3 of his “Report” that takes up the
Freie Schule and the Jena Plan as one example of the inclusion of
sexual minorities and their issues into school practice and
philosophy, explained as one of the many facets of accepting
diversity and respecting individuality in the school environment.

With best wishes and many thanks again, from both Mr. Mano and

Andrea Germer
10 Mar 2016